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If you’re a privacy loving, freedom seeking, Linux and FOSS using, technology wielding, entrepreneurial, marketing type that runs a website and/or blog for business or for entrepreneurial endeavors and you have your finger on the pulse of current and world affairs, frequenting alternative social media platforms and independent news sites and you declare Jesus as your Lord and savior, then you’ll probably like this website. And hopefully, you might like me too!

Hi, I am Libre Lenny. I am a full time web developer and digital marketer. librelenny.com is not my day job. It’s a website and persona that I have put together to promote, part time as a side-gig throughout 2023. I’m of the full and wholehearted opinion that we’re living in the last days, so I’m not trying to build anything significant. I’m just trying to make myself useful and keep productive with the little bit of time we have left in this fallen world.

You’ll see that most of the imagery, videos and graphics I put out over the next year or so will be storm related. That’s because we’re entering the storm of all storms. However, those of us who love and serve the Lord have nothing to be afraid of. Even in these difficult times, we’re commanded to press on and make ourselves useful for the harvest. Having said that, this website is not a ministry. It’s just my corner of the Internet where I can reach out, share mys kills and help others, all the while keeping in mind that Jesus is at the door.

If what you’ve read above sounds interesting to you, I’d love for you to consider subscribing to one or more of the multimedia accounts I’ve created on independent platforms. You will not find me on mainstream platforms, except Twitter, because, well.. Twitter is hilarious right now.

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Libre Lenny’s Services Now Available on Fiverr

Libre Lenny on Fiverr

Today, on the 21, January, 2023, I have joined Fiverr and created a gig to help people with their SEO. Initially, I am charging a very low fee so that I can build my reputation. If you need any SEO help, the way it works is like this: Purchase my gig and I will both audit your website and SEO your homepage.

I’ll make any other critical adjustments that need to be made also, so that at least your homepage is in order. I’ll provide actionable recommendations. You can either perform the recommendations yourself or you can pay additional hours via Fiverr to have me do it. In any case, I’m here to help you in any way I can and I genuinely want your website to succeed.

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I am excited to have created the brand new Mastodon instance at endtimebelievers.com. It’s for Christian, patriot and conservative minded people who love freedom & privacy. Will also find discussion on Linux, FOSS, world events, health, news & politics.

Also, this instance will also be a great place for the entrepreneur! Bloggers and content creators welcome. I just opened the front door (Dec 27, 2023).

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