Got My Mind Stayed on You | Christian Song

This commentary has been written in relation to the song posted to Gab by Shiloh Worship Music titled:

Got My Mind Stayed on You | Christian Song’:


New Upbeat very 70s style song (with a Steely Dan vibe) I wrote and produced , released August 13th, 2023 In English and French – Shiloh Worship Music

Libre Lenny’s Commentary

This song: “Got My Mind Stayed on You” was a delight to wake up to in my Sunday morning. I sat at my computer at 6:30am to check my socials, websites stats, emails etc. The first port of call was Gab — and this song is the first thing I saw. Immediately made me smile. Here’s the comment I left:

@servantofJesus wow, that’s awesome. This is the first thing I saw this morning at 6:30am (Australia), when I turned my computer on. I really love it. I am going to add it to my blog and share it to all my social media accounts this morning.

So here I am sharing the song, as promised. I am actually listening to it on loop as I prepare this commentary article. As soon as I am done, I will go and share it to all my social media accounts. I hope it gets shared everywhere.

Praise Jesus. He IS worthy of our praise! Great song!


Got My Mind Stayed On You
There’s Nothing More That I’d Rather Do
Meditate On Your Word Day And Night
For Your Presence Is My Delight

I Put My Life Into Your Hands
No One Else That Understands
You Are My Shepherd I Am Your Lamb
Taking Me To The Promised Land

Clap your hands, all ye people!
Shout to God with the voice of triumphs.
He is worthy, worthy of our praise.

Take My Life And Let It Be.
Fill It Lord With Your Humility
I Am A Stranger In A Strange Land.
Traveling With The Son Of Man

At The Rivers Of Babylon.
We All Fell Down
We Began To Weep.
As We Remembered Zion.

Tu Es La Vérité
Regarde Ma Vie, Qu’est-Ce Que C’est?
Rien Qu’une Vapeur Comme La Fumée
Créateur D’éternité!

You Are The Truth
Look At My Life, What Is It?
Nothing But A Vapor -Like Smoke
Creator Of Eternity

© 2023 Shiloh Worship Music

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