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As a prolific visitor of independent social media sites, platforms and video platforms, I think I’ve got a pretty awesome list of people that I am subscribed to. The content I am most interested in is anything factual, pertinent or educational, relating to the world that we live in. I follow a lot of Christian channels, as well as independent media, Linux and tech channels, and a a few other interesting characters.

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I’ll add the people and organizations I subscribe to on alternative video platforms here as soon as I get some time to do it. But for now, feel free to check out my social media posts.

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I am excited to have created the brand new Mastodon instance at It’s for Christian, patriot and conservative minded people who love freedom & privacy. Will also find discussion on Linux, FOSS, world events, health, news & politics.

Also, this instance will also be a great place for the entrepreneur! Bloggers and content creators welcome. I just opened the front door (Dec 27, 2023). 😎 👍 🎇 🥳 🎉 🎈

Affiliate (and Referral) Links – All Used and Recommended

I do not post affiliate links to anything that I don’t actively use or have a subscription with. I use and recommend every one of the following tools, programs or services. Many of which I use in conjunction with Links are displayed in alphabetical order.

ClickUp Task Manager

Without a doubt ClickUp* is the best task management software available online. I tried out a whole heap of task managers for the company I work for – which is how I came to know about it, in 2021. We settled on ClickUp for many reasons. The primary reason being its affordability and fair pricing, but also the extensive range of functinality. If you’d like to try ClickUp, it’s free to use forever – for personal use. Or, if you’re online endeavours grow and you require more flexibility, you can upgrade for a reasonable price. So whether you’re starting out small and just need a free solution, or you’re running a large agency, ClickUp has a plan and solution for you. ClickUp is also one of the most well known task managers that many other companies and services have bridges and API’s for. And they’re not just a task manager. They also have functionality for whiteboards, documents, goals and more. The list of functionality is endless. If you’re looking for a task management software, you just can’t go past ClickUp. It’s awesome! ..just use ClickUp.

Visit ClickUp*

Clicky Analytics

I use Clicky* analytics because it’s simple to use and offers fantastic tracking and tells me everything I want to know – without any hassle or dramas. The WordPress plugin can be configured in minutes. I don’t use Google Analytics or any google products at all. I don’t even use the Google search engine. And to be perfectly honest, I’m not missing out on anything. Google analytics used to be useful. They’d tell you who’s coming to your website, what search term they used to get there, where they landed, where they clicked to, your IP and everything. You could easily track a visitor through your site on a case by case basis. Then they “improved” the tracking, made it all 10 times more complicated and somehow, simultaneously, 10 times less useful. They segmented the data into difficult to navigate channels and generally just made it so they’re telling you everything and everything EXCEPT for what you actually want to know. And don’t even get me started on the GA4. I’m clad to see the back of Google Analytics.

Do yourself a favour and install Clicky*.

GrooveFunnels – My [*FAVOURITE*] Program to Promote <-This. Check this out!

I can’t even say how much I love Groove Funnels. Let me give you a small history about me. I’ve been building websites and “promoting stuff “ for decades. I can’t tell you how many times – especially back in the earthly days, that I got ripped off by shady affiliate programs: Dodgy cookies, programs closing without warning, not paying and not responding — scam artists left and right! Man, have I been through the mill! There are very few HIGH PAYING affiliate programs that don’t pop up and then disappear with peoples money. The main reason for this is that it’s all based on greed. There’s no real product. I could name some programs, but I won’t sully my website with their names. GroveFunnels is *NOT* one of these dodgy companies. They offer real, legitimate, useful and widely used products and services that won’t be going away any time soon. They have a two tier affiliate program and – well, quite frankly, if you’re half decent at marketing, there’s no limit to the profit that can be made. GrooveFunnels is the primary affiliate that I promote from – and VERY proudly so!

Visit Groove Funnels*. Also Consider the Affiliate Program* <- This program sell itself!

Odysee Video Platform

Odysee* is a blockchain-based media platform used primarily for uploading videos – but you can also upload images, articles, PDF’s, audio files and more. Odysee is gaining popularity across the entire Internet – especially among people who like to make videos containing truth and facts, based on actual reality. I’ve been watching very closely. A good portion of all the people I used to follow on YouTube are now syncing their videos over to Odysee – which is great, because I don’t have a Youtube/Google account as Libre Lenny. I don’t watch YouTube directly. If I really must watch a YouTube video (and I do still follow some people I used to follow when I had a YouTube account – only because they haven’t synced to Odysee, in spite of me emailing them, insisting that they do), I watch through Invidious (on the instance). I use a Firefox plugin called: “Watch on Odysee“. It’s an awesome tool that tells me if a video or channel I am visiting on YouTube or Invidious is available on Odysee. But I am digressing.

Join Odysee*. It’s an awesome platform. | And don’t forget to install “Watch on Odysee“.

FastMail – Private, Secure Email

I couldn’t be happier with FastMail* as a service. I’ve been using it since October, 2019 when I dumped Gmail for good. One of the reasons I don’t use Gmail is because Google databases everything you’re saying, displays ads and treats you like a product. The thing that set me off one day is that Google locked me out of my email for some ‘weird glitchy‘ reason. I can’t remember the exact details, but long story short: I couldn’t successfully answer the questions it wanted to know about me — or Google didn’t agree with the answers I was giving (one or the other), and it was incredibly painful to gain access again. I finally got back in, but a lot of very important and time sensitive conversations were put on hold, which caused me further grief. That’s when I went seeking for an independent solution. I looked around and tried a few services, but settled on FastMail. FastMail has been everything I could ever as for in an email provider. They have 2FA, calendar, private notes, aliases and a whole heap of functionality – and I use it all, frequently. You can even use your domain names. I’ve never experienced a problem. The pricing is more than fair. They’re just an awesome, professional company, offering an awesome service. I’m rapt with them. Absolutely rapt. 10/10!

Visit FastMail*

Presearch – Decentralized Search Engine

I stopped using Google as my primary search engine in July 2020. My search engine of choice since then has been Presearch*, which I honestly couldn’t be more happy with. It provides solid and consistent results without tracking me, saving my search terms or using 3rd party cookies. I have Presearch set as my primary search engine with the Presearch plugin for Firefox. Presearch offers a pleasant, hassle free, privacy friendly experience with fantastic search results. As an SEO guy, I am always playing around with and research search engines – because that’s my job, but I can’t see myself moving away fro Presearch any time soon. Best search engine on the Internet as far as I am concerned. Great potential too. Always growing. Always getting better. Kudos to Colin Pape.

Create a Presearch Account*

Pretty Links – URL Shortener

When it comes to creating short links, especially for cloaking affiliate links, Pretty Links is the most simple, hassle free plugin that I have found. I’ve used quite a few link trackers, URL shorteners and cloakers for various websites and lead pages. I know from experience that none of them stack up to Pretty Links. If you’re serious about your affiliate marketing, you can’t go past Pretty Links. Additionally, you can get started for free. Pretty Links gives you the ability to redirect all your affiliate URL’s via links on your website from the free version. Pretty Links is also great for managing our social links and URL redirects.

Visit Pretty Links*

Awesome Businesses

I’ll create a proper directory at later date, but here are some businesses you might like to visit. (not sponsored): Your DATA is Property of No One except YOU. We sell Degoogled phones to stop Big-Tech from spying on you and stealing your data. Join the Get Privacy Freedom Revolution.

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