Initiatives by Libre Lenny

Social Sharing and Networking for the Alternative Digital Marketer

There are not enough plugins, widgets, like buttons or networking functionality for non-mainstream, independent social media platforms. As a web developer and digital marketer that has completely removed mainstream social media platforms, tools and services from my life, I’m in a unique position to notice what’s available to freedom-conscious bloggers and content creators. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of software and tools available to web developers, bloggers – particularly form within WordPress, only list the largest mainstream players – as if they’re the only option.

I’m on a Mission to Establish the Following Projects

I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to find the time or money to build this stuff, but I’m starting anyway. I’ll build the easy stuff first and work my way up. If there’s a will, there’s a way. If you build it, they will come!

WordPress Plugins and Functionality

  • Create a WordPress Plugin that thoroughly lists independent platforms along with their icons. This plugin will also allow custom links.
  • WordPress plugin to create embed functionality for independent platform video functionality.
  • Share buttons, that allow you to share a page to independent social media.
  • Create functionality so that when you add a video to a post or page to WordPress, it links directly to make a comment on the associated video platform.
  • Also functionality so that when you add a video to a post or page, it links directly to make a comment on the associated video platform.
  • Establish a link directory that only lists websites, services, blogs and platforms that exclusively use independent social media and video platforms.
  • Create courses, tutorials, videos and possibly even a community that focuses on alternative, non-mainstream, digital marketing tactics.

Static Website Page Generator

  • 80% Complete: I really love hand coding, and building websites in the old-school way of opening up a HTML editor and bashing out some HTML. I’ve actually all but completed this now. It’s a PHP script that runs on localhost, which allows you to cut and paste HTML code into a text area to create HTML files — and then the script will compile the static HTML site using a predetermined header and footer that has been entered into a separate area. This allows for the creation and editing of hundreds of static web pages, with a dynamic HTML header and footer.

Independent Search Engine

There are a lot of alternative search engines, and some of them are pretty good. Some tout themselves ad being private and unbiased; but the problem with that is that they show al the lefty content and propaganda in the results. I want to create a search engine — even if it’s based on another popular search engine, or uses open source code, that allows the user to remove certain websites from the results. That way, people can curate their search experience. The way this would work is that if the user sees a results page full of YouTube links, but only wants to see results from independent platforms, there would be a toggle saying: “remove this website from future results” — and bam! No more YouTube. Now we can see what comes up in Rumble, Bitchute, Brighteon, etc. Additionally, there would also be a feature to give weight to certain websites. ie: If you’re searching in the video section, Rumble, Bitchute, and Brighteon would always show up first. This is basically what Google does behind the scenes anyway — except they’re deciding what we can see, instead of us.

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