Agenda 2030 NEW LAW Mandating FACE ID

This commentary has been written in relation to the video by Privacy X on Odysee titled:

Agenda 2030 NEW LAW Mandating FACE ID On All Internet Devices World Wide

Original Video Description

New World Agenda 2030 Face ID to log onto the internet and to set up an new Smartphone or other internet connected device. How to keep Privacy and digital security in a Social Credit Score world. Whats next for AGENDA 2030 and the World Economic Forum?

Libre Lenny’s Commentary

The globalists will overtake the Internet like this:

They will just say” “OK everyone has to do ‘xyz’ or you can’t use the Internet. 80% of people will just do it. Then they will persecute anyone that didn’t like so: All the mainstream stuff – you won’t be able to log in. Including your bank account. ISPS will simply ‘require’ a digital ID.

They can do all this inside 12 months. In the end there will be 5-10% of people running/using private platforms. However, they will be labelled terrorists, racists, right wing, etc.

I try very hard not to use mainstream stuff. I use alternatives for absolutely everything. But I’m prepared for the day where I might have to just turn off all my devices and just live a meager life in the middle of nowhere — where I currently live.

I’m not too worried anyway. No one is getting off this earth alive, one way or the other. I have my eyes on the eternal Kingdom. And the King of that kingdom will rein forever.

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