Concerns Over a Cashless Society: Bob Katter’s Warning

Concerns Over a Cashless Society: Bob Katter’s Warning

In an interview with Sky News Australia, Independent MP Bob Katter raised serious concerns about the potential negative impacts of transitioning to a cashless society. He highlighted that many Australians could struggle to purchase basic necessities if they are unable to pay by card, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cash as a viable payment option.

Bob Katter cautioning against the cashless society.
Independent MP Bob Katter has cautioned that moving to a cashless society could result in some Australians “going hungry” if they cannot make payments via card or digital transfer. Image credit: Sky News Australia.

The Debate on Cashless Economy

Katter shared a personal experience where a café in the Australian Parliament House refused to accept his $50 note, underscoring a growing trend of establishments declining cash payments. He argued that this shift towards a cashless economy could marginalize and disenfranchise individuals, particularly the elderly and those without access to banking services. These populations might struggle to adapt to an entirely digital payment system, potentially facing exclusion from everyday transactions. Katter emphasized that cash is legal tender and should be accepted universally to ensure inclusivity and financial freedom for all Australians.

Risks of Financial Control and Exclusion

Katter also expressed concerns about the broader implications of a cashless society, particularly the increased control that banks and financial institutions would have over individuals’ lives. He warned that this control could extend to the point where people might be unable to make essential purchases without bank approval. Additionally, Katter pointed out that digital transactions are easily traceable, raising significant privacy issues and exposing individuals to greater scrutiny and potential data breaches. He argued that the right to use cash is not just a matter of convenience but a fundamental aspect of personal freedom and privacy. Katter’s stance reflects a broader debate about the implications of a cashless economy. His warnings urge policymakers to consider the diverse needs and circumstances of all Australians, ensuring that no one is left behind in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

For more details, you can read the full article here.

Libre Lenny’s Commentary

Bob Katter is a champion for Queensland. Every time I see him on the news, he’s saying something sensible or standing up for people. This is a true story: in 2023, I was at Townsville airport and happened to be going through the baggage checks with Bob Katter. The staff asked him to take his hat off, so he put it on the belt. However, it started getting squished by other bags on the conveyor, and he was quite disgruntled about the whole thing.

Good old Bob, always outspoken. But that’s exactly what we need in politics—genuine people who are actually trying to do their job. I’m a huge fan of Bob. I would have loved to take a selfie with him that day, but I didn’t want to disturb him as he defended his hat against airport security.

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