I’ve Totally Boycotted Google From Librelenny.com

Google is a menace to society. What ever useful purpose it may have once had or started out with is long gone. Facebook is the same, but that’s for another post.

librelenny.com is built as if Google doesn’t exist. Although I am a digital marketer of 20+ years, specialising in SEO – and I am well versed with all SEO tools, including everything Google has to offer, I’m proceeding with thelibrelenny.com content plan and SEO without any thought to Google. If Google lists any pages from this website, that’s all well and good – but I’m certainly not using the Google suite of tools.

I’m not using Gmail, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, YouTube, any Google logins or any tools that require Google logins. For Statistics, I am using Clicky*, which is a fantastic Google Analytics alternative. For video, I will be using independent websites such as Odysee*. My content plans are prepared using Zoho Sheets and documents. For email, I’m a fan of Fastmail*.

Why Am I Ignoring Google?

There’s a very simple reason for why I am building this website and conducting all marketing as if Google doesn’t exist: It’s because to Google, those who speak the truth don’t exist. Google has become a gatekeeper of truth. It’s SERPS are heavily censored. If you post about any topic that doesn’t suit certain narratives that unelected overlords want to prevail, your content will simply not cone up in the search results.

So librelenny.com will move forward using independent social media services. I’ll apply basic SEO to the website so that the topics I write about will show up on other search engines, but to me, Google is as good as dead.

What is my Preferred Search Engine?

I’m a fan of Presearch right now. It’s been my daily search engine for over 12 months and I am happy with the results I get.