Libre Lenny on Fiverr

If you’ve just landed here from Fiverr, please allow me to give you a little bit of an explanation of what I’m about. The short version is that I’m a very competent web developer, digital marketer and SEO guy with many years of experience. However, on this particular website, and with this persona: “Libre Lenny”, I’m on a mission to show that I can build a popular and profitable online presence, even without Google and big tech.

For the TLDR visitors: Go straight to my Fiverr gig!

More About Libre Lenny

I’ve been doing SEO since around the year 2000, working for multiple companies and organizations, both as a full time employee and as a freelancer. I’m actually currently still full time employed in digital marketing. Although I do not use Google or any big-tech services or social media platforms for my Libre Lenny persona, I am very well versed with Google’s entire suite of business, and SEO tools. As a matter of fact, in my day job, I use them all day every day. Everything from Google sheets to Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business, Tag Manager, etc.

Skills, Experience and Expertise

I’m also skilled and have account with SEO tools such as Similarweb, ahrefs, SE Ranking, and a litany of other products, tools and services. So, even though as you go through this website, you’ll see that I am very anti-Google, anti-establishment, anti-big tech, anti-MSM and anti every other centralized entity and organization that you can think of, that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about them. Quite the contrary. I know SO much about them, that’s why I don’t like them!

So Why Utilize the Services of Libre Lenny?

If you utilize my services over at Fiverr, and you’re concerned that “the guy that hates Google” might not be the best guy to order services from, rest assured that I do indeed know what I am doing and I can help you to rank your website on Google and your content on big tech social media. I can also install WordPress, help you with your advertising campaigns, domains, hosting, content plans, spreadsheets, you name it – I can help you with it. I’m truly a veteran webmaster and digital marketer.

In Relation to My Identity and Persona

Having said all of the above, I can’t promise that I won’t try to educate you about the benefits of going rogue though! You know, digitally off-grid, like I’ve done. This entire web presence had been establish to show that it’s entirely possible to build a popular and profitable online presence without Google or mainstream, big-tech social media and platforms. Also, due to the fact that I am employed by a large company and the views above are definitely not shared by that company, I’m keeping my true identity private for now.

Oh, By The Way, I Passed the Fiverr Tests

Before you can offer SEO and content writing services on Fiverr, you’re required to pass a 40 minute SEO test and a 40 minute English test. You’ll be pleased to know that I passed them both today: 21 January, 2023.

So you can confidently engage with my services on Fiverr knowing that I can read and write English and can provide SEO services to a professional standard!